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Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

When is the Energy Label EPC required?

There are three circumstances where it is legally required to have an EPC. You must have this certificate, which indicates how energy-efficient your property is, when you sell your property, if you live in your house for more than four months a year or if it is rented out for more than four months a year. The lack of it can have unpleasant consequences. Fines can range from 300 to (in extreme cases) 6,000 euros.

What exactly is an EPC?

Spain introduced the EPC some years ago. This means that we are in line with European legislation regarding an energy label for real estate. For convenience, it can be compared with such labels for washing machines and refrigerators. The difference is that for an EPC you need to hire a certified specialist. This examines, among other things, the insulation, ventilation, CO2 emissions and other factors that influence the energy management of the property. In this way, it can be mapped out what the energy consumption is to heat or cool a property.

After inspection you will receive a certificate that indicates how energy-efficient the property is. The scale goes from A to G. A is very economical and G the least efficient. Existing properties usually score a D or an E, while modern new construction often gives a higher value, because of the use of more durable and better quality building materials.

How to apply?

To apply for an EPC we would like to refer you to a partner who can provide the certificate for you. You can also get free advice on how you can make your property more energy-efficient, for example by installing double glazing or applying extra insulation. In general, it costs between 155 and 450 euros (excluding VAT) to obtain an EPC. The costs depend on the size of the property. An EPC is valid for 10 years.