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Procurement Consultancy

Van Dam Estates Procurement Consultancy

We are happy to guide you through all steps of the procurement process for real estate in South Spain. This way we ensure that owning a Spanish home will not be a disappointment to you. 

Why a procurement consultancy agent?

When you have found your dream home and want to purchase, you will have to deal with the real estate agent of the selling party. However, this real estate agent does not represent your interests, but those of the seller. It is very wise to use our procurement consultancy services. Questions like "How much is the house worth?" and "What should I offer?" are answered by us. The costs for our procurement consultancy services are let alone quickly paid back by conducting sharp negotiations when buying the concerned property.

When do you engage for our procurement consultancy?

Your benefits

What activities do we perform for you?
Depending on the selected package, we perform the following activities, among others. We will search for properties for you, we arrange the viewings or look on your behalf, we conduct price negotiations and prepare the purchase agreement.

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If you want to make use of our procurement consultancy, you can choose from three packages.

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