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Why buy with us?

Seven reasons to choose Van Dam Estates

There are many companies that sell properties to our costas. At the turn of the century, when the demand from foreigners for owner-occupied homes grew explosively, many 'entrepreneurs' with a past that has nothing to do with real estate, saw the opportunity to get a piece of the pie in this fast-growing market. Fortunately, many of these cowboy 'brokers' have disappeared, but the chaff and the wheat are by no means separated from each other everywhere. We want to give you seven reasons why you can trust Van Dam Estates as a reliable partner in your search for a dream home.

1. Safe due to reliable registration

We are one of the few offices on the Costa Blanca and Calida that is officially registered as a real estate agent. Most of the major real estate 'players' lack this qualification and have no real estate background. They should therefore be regarded primarily as sales offices. Real estate agents in Spain must be affiliated with the trade association GIPE. Without that, you run a good chance of working with a company that does not have the right knowledge, skills and experience.

2. Complete range of properties

We work with all project developers on our costas. Some parties only show you those new construction projects that they would most like to sell. In contrast to this selective approach, we focus on your wishes and needs. This means that together with you we visit the properties that match your 'search profile'. Thanks to our knowledge, we can provide you with adequate advice on all projects.

3. We know the area

The dream is of course to find that beautiful property. But if that 'palace' is in the wrong location, the dream can turn into a nightmare. That is why we make plenty of time during our viewing trips to explore the area. Thanks to our knowledge of the area, we can advise you on the nearest amenities that are important to you. Since some parties are fixated on only a few projects, they often cannot (honestly) inform you about what the environment has to offer.

4. All-round knowledge and active support

We do more than many other parties. We guide and support you with both the purchase of a new-build home and with existing construction. Even if you have your sights set on a finca (large country house or farm) in the hinterland of Elche, we have the knowledge to help you professionally. The rental and / or management of your property is also in experienced hands with us.

5. Satisfied customers

We are proud of the many positive responses that we continuously receive from our customers. Some parties are almost completely focused on sales and do not spend enough time on after sales. Especially with larger companies, you run the risk that agreements about your specific wishes are insufficiently monitored and that you will be sent from pillar to post when you have questions or complaints.

6. Personal collaboration

Our fully English-speaking team is happy to invest in personal contact with you. We are at your service in the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. Over the years, this has given us a friendly and reliable reputation that is serious about living up to our slogan 'Feel free to relax'.

7. Years of experience, since 2003

We have also been active in the Netherlands as an real estate agent. This way we know exactly what the differences are in the entire purchasing process in the Netherlands and in Spain. We can ensure that you will not encounter any unexpected surprises in your search for your dream home.

Are you looking for a pleasant real estate agent? We guide you as a buyer or renter or tenant carefully and with great pleasure.

Shall we meet? Feel free to contact us without obligation.