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Rental Conditions

Rental Conditions: Rights and Obligations

If you have booked your holiday home with us, this means that you agree to the conditions. It is therefore important that you read this carefully before making your booking. It is also important that you have read all relevant information on the website. This way you will not be faced with surprises. At the bottom of this page you can view the rental conditions via a link. Before you do that, we would like to point out a few important things that are involved in renting a home.


The offer on the website is without obligation and can be revoked if necessary. This can be done, for example, to correct errors in the calculation of the rent or to correct other errors in the offer. As a company, we are obliged to make the revocation as soon as possible, but no later than eight office hours after acceptance. We must give a valid reason for this. In that case you are entitled to a full refund of any money paid.


Have you found a nice holiday address, but would you like to think about it or discuss it at home? If you make a booking, you can cancel it free of charge within three days. This can be done in two ways:


Errors or mistakes may occur when offering or booking our holiday homes. If these errors or mistakes can be clearly identified as such, then they are not binding on Van Dam Estates. The latter may require further explanation. Therefore, here is an example for clarification. If we were to place a comma incorrectly when stating the rent, the house to be rented would suddenly become ridiculously cheap or exorbitantly expensive. In either case, it is clear to both us and you that it is a mistake or mistake that must be corrected.


In the link below you can read our General Terms and Conditions, which apply when you rent a house with us. This document also includes the Rental Processor Agreement. This agreement in the way we handle your data. We do this under the existing privacy legislation (AVG). When booking a home, you agree to the provisions contained in these documents.

Finally, one piece of advice: do not forget to take out travel and cancellation insurance when you rent a holiday home.