Van Dam Estates: GIPE certified real estate agent in South Spain


Get the maximum return from your property

We are an experienced and dynamic team that strives for maximum return for landlords. With our access to a large market of interested holiday tenants and hibernators, we are happy to take all your concerns about renting out and managing your property off your hands.

We try to highlight your property to potential tenants in a number of different ways. We do this through our website, social media, advertisements, fairs and our many cooperation partners thus assuring a healthy inflow of tenants with us. We provide them with complete information about your property, its location and the rental price. We also advise on the environment, surrounding facilities, indicate the possibilities for car rental and receiving a shopping package on arrival.

Book and pay

As soon as a tenant places a booking, we will immediately notify you via an SMS or WhatsApp message. As soon as you confirm, the tenant will receive the confirmation of availability from us. This is proven the best way to avoid double bookings. If you accept a booking, we will charge you our commission after payment of the rental fee. This fee is calculated on the total rent. The deposit is not included in this.

No exclusivity

You may also have a network of family, friends and acquaintances to whom you want to offer your holiday home. That is not a problem at all. With us you always keep control over the rental of your property. Even if you rent out your property yourself, we are happy to offer our customer-oriented service to your tenants. For example, we can provide an airport service, check-in and check-out and take care of final cleaning.

Block period

Since you always have control over to whom and when you rent out your property, you also determine whether your property can only be rented out in the summer months or for a longer period during the winter. All you have to do is send us an email about the period(s) you want to block. You also determine the rental price you require. This can be changed at any time. If you would like advice on what a reasonable rental price is, we will of course be happy to advise you.

Feel free to enquire for a free, personal explanation in your Spanish property or at our office in Spain. Keep in mind that if you rent out your property, you are required by law to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).