Van Dam Estates: GIPE certified real estate agent in South Spain

Know more about our team

Van Dam Estates is specialised in the sales for real estates in the Spanish Costa Blanca. We are a sales team with years of experience in the real estate markets. We all have extensive knowledge and experience of the area, the way of living in Spain and all other aspects that are related to the buying and selling of a real estate properties in Spain. We are unique in the way we interact with our customers because we believe in a very personal approach.

Over a decade of years we have obtained a honest and reliable reputation. The team of Van Dam Estates invests in the personal contact with our customers.

Jolanda - Van Dam Estates


Sales and Aftersales

In Spain, I have been assisting buyers interested in finding their Spanish home since 2003. I am a professional who has a wealth of experience in the real estate market in Spain. My passion is to guide and advise buyers in their search for their dream home. With great pleasure and enthusiasm I will introduce you to Spanish life. I will guide you professionally and personally in finding your Spanish home. Our motto is "Costa Blanca, feel free to relax".

API: Asociación Nacional de Agentes Inmobiliarios: AG23-S1307.

Klaasje - Van Dam Estates


Sales and Aftersales

So many people all with a dream…. Buying a home abroad is exciting for everyone. Finding the right property for people looking for either a first or second home in beautiful Spain is what appeals most to me about selling properties. Seeing a face light up when you get the property and the location just right is a magical experience, and that's my challenge! 
I owned a Bed and Breakfast in the Spanish countryside for 10 years and at this time I also sold fincas in that region. After sales is another one of my key roles at Van Dam Estates. As part of that team we guide our customers from the initial stages to the finish or continuing through our property management / rental department. We do everything we can to make everything run as smoothly as possible. 

API: Asociación Nacional de Agentes Inmobiliarios: AG23-S1471.



Pam - Van Dam Estates


Administration and Marketing

Visit our office and get to know me; your shining welcoming committee and the driving force behind all our office activities. I greet you with a smile at Van Dam Estates and ensure a spotless working environment. With expertise I not only manage all internal processes, but also the essential administration for the rental and management of our properties. At Van Dam Estates I stand for efficiency and friendliness, from the threshold to the files.

API: Asociación Nacional de Agentes Inmobiliarios: AG23-S1488.

Remco - Van Dam Estates


Financial Administrator

I oversee the flows of rent and payments, collect rental income, and organize financial reporting. Additionally, I am the driving force behind the development and management of our information systems, such as this website. My goal is to ensure that you can easily see the services we provide and the Spanish properties we can offer you. See you in Spain!

API: Asociación Nacional de Agentes Inmobiliarios: AG23-S1303.

Gaston - Van Dam Estates


Sales Consultant

As an experienced expert and Senior Sales Consultant, I would like to assist you step by step in purchasing your Spanish property. From the first moment to perhaps the purchase of your dream home in Spain, your wishes are our priority. Independent advice and guidance to turn your investment on the Costa Blanca into a fiesta. The rich feeling of ownership of your own place under the sun and enjoying the Spanish life can become a reality. 


Janny - Van Dam Estates


Sales Consultant

With my knowledge and experience I can provide you with excellent assistance with the purchase of your future dream home. Spain is where the air is healthy and the sunshine makes you happy.  Cultural, shopping, cities and many sports options such as golf, tennis, swimming, walking and cycling all within easy reach of your future dream home. 


Mark - Van Dam Estates


Rental Manager

I am normally the first face for our tenants. As rental manager I ensure that all properties are clean and in perfect condition, so that the tenants or owners can enjoy a carefree stay.

Hans - Van Dam Estates


Property manager

I will ensure that your home is regularly checked via a checklist, so that we get a good picture of the condition. Thanks to my technical experience in various fields, we can quickly and professionally carry out repairs and improvements independently. In short, your home in our management  with peace of mind!

Tatyana - Van Dam Estates


Facility worker

I look after the office, ensuring that everyone can work in a safe, clean and organised environment. In addition to this, I take care of all laundry for our rental properties and properties under our property management. I am very passionate about my roles within the company. Some say I am the queen of washing and ironing!