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For us, a blog is not a trendy phenomenon from the internet era, but an abbreviation for Better Life Ontzettend Genieten.

With regular short stories we want to give you important, funny, interesting and inspiring information about the oh so versatile life of our Costas.

Romans capitulated to Licor 43

author: Remco van Drie
Romans capitulated to Licor 43 - Van Dam Estates

The Spanish liqueur Licor 43 has conquered the world. This proud export product from Cartagena owes its success to a number of things. Reason 1, and without a doubt the most important, is that many people like the drink made up of 43 natural ingredients. Moreover, this liqueur has proven to be very versatile. The number of popular applications is virtually endless. Enthusiasts drink it neat (with or without ice), in cocktails, in coffee or in long drinks with fruit juices, cola or milk. Finally, the marketing and promotion of the product is very well organized. The... Read more

Elche's garden inspired by the imperial palm

author: Remco van Drie
Elche's garden inspired by the imperial palm - Van Dam Estates

The Huerto del Cura, the most visited place in Elche, was created by a mix of coincidence and a love for nature. This garden owes its enormous popularity primarily to the presence of the majestic Imperial Palm. But over the years, this crowd-puller has been joined by some 250 other palms. The most special thing is that no fewer than 70 (!) Different types of palms from all over the world have found their place in the garden. In addition, more and more rock gardens with the most diverse cactus species from the driest regions of the planet have been added to the... Read more

Greetings from the algar waterfalls

author: Jolanda van Dam
Greetings from the algar waterfalls - Van Dam Estates

The crystal clear waters of the Algar waterfalls have always lured me. Just 15 kilometers from the tourist metropolis of Benidorm, this area acts as an oasis to completely unwind. It is much more than a waterfall, which makes you appreciate the wonders of nature. It is a collection of waterfalls, pools and pools that are situated in a beautiful landscape. Paths over a length of one and a half kilometers give you a different view of the water features, which certainly look oh so inviting in summer. But make no mistake: even if the people on the coast are groaning under a... Read more

The Neanderthals of Torre-Pacheco

author: Remco van Drie
The Neanderthals of Torre-Pacheco - Van Dam Estates

The mountainous area of ​​Cabezo Gordo near Torre-Pacheco stands out because it is a solitary sight in an otherwise flat landscape. For centuries it was a recognizable beacon for seafarers. For a long time that seemed to be the main reason for this 'pimple' in a smoothed area a few kilometers inland from Los Alcázares. But everything changed by magic in 1991. The accidental discovery of a jawbone, which turned out to belong to a Neanderthal, sparked great archaeological activity. In the meantime, the experts have gained a good understanding of the... Read more

On the road in Spain 3: In the footsteps of Don Quixote

author: Remco van Drie
On the road in Spain 3: In the footsteps of Don Quixote - Van Dam Estates

The many white windmills scattered in the plains of La Mancha pose like photogenic beacons against a backdrop of natural colors. That sight, while beautiful and inspiring too, explains only a fraction of the area's appeal to tourists. The collection of centuries-old mills is much more than an interesting dive into history. La Mancha is first and foremost a place of pilgrimage. Not in the religious sense of the word, but as the location where, according to many, the most important novella in the history of literature can be situated. We are talking about the book... Read more

Lo Rufete Adventure Park for the whole family

author: Remco van Drie
Lo Rufete Adventure Park for the whole family - Van Dam Estates

Sports and adventure activities for the whole family. That is what the Lo Rufete park, in the rural area between Torremendo and San Miguel de Salinas, wants to offer. Without the pretensions of large theme parks with the most advanced attractions, Lo Rufete opts for old-fashioned and simple entertainment. And it works. The small-scale no frills park has a wide range of straightforward activities on offer, which have stood the test of time. What can visitors expect? Very popular are the quad bike tours, for example. A trip around the idyllic embalse de la Pedrera... Read more

Retake for Pilar's fountain

author: Remco van Drie
Retake for Pilar's fountain - Van Dam Estates

For 23 years, the fish fountain in the Plaza de la Iglesia has been an important symbol of unity and strength. The artwork created in 1965 was affectionately known by locals as the 'Fountain of the Girls'. That was the nickname for the eight young women who took the initiative to make this eye-catcher possible at the church. Their need for tangible proof of unity and strength to the people of Pilar was not so strange. At the time, Pilar was little more than a hamlet that lived under the wing of the parent community of Orihuela. The urge to be independent from... Read more

Diving on the costas for beginners and advanced

author: Remco van Drie
Diving on the costas for beginners and advanced - Van Dam Estates

The Mediterranean is a good destination for diving enthusiasts for a number of reasons. Due to its sheltered position and a negligible tidal range of less than 30 centimeters, the Med offers relatively calm water. That certainly makes it a comfortable environment for less experienced divers to practice their hobby. The average visibility of 10 to 18 meters and temperatures between 15 and 29 degrees also contribute to the favorable conditions. Those who want to learn to dive or already have experience, can go to the diving center Scubaworld in La Florida to explore the... Read more

Brave the Calpe Rock for beautiful views

author: Remco van Drie
Brave the Calpe Rock for beautiful views - Van Dam Estates

The Calpe Rock is perhaps the most striking eye-catcher for anyone following the long coastal route of the Costa Blanca. Entering the Mediterranean Sea from the town of Calpe, this limestone rock rises to 332 meters above sea level. It is an unmissable protrusion, which can be seen from 50 kilometers away. Besides eye-catching, the rock, which is officially called the Penon de Ifach, is also special because it is the smallest protected natural area in Spain. This status is not surprising, because despite the small surface of the 'Rock' it is a habitat where no... Read more

Greetings from Calasparra

author: Jolanda van Dam
Greetings from Calasparra - Van Dam Estates

Because of my work I often travel through the province of Murcia. But away from the Costa Cálida, there are still gems to discover. Like here in the northwest in Calasparra. It is a beautiful area crossed by three rivers. Deep grooves in the landscape and caves, where ancient rock carvings have been found, point to a long history. Driving along the agricultural fields and along narrow roads flanked by fruit trees and more fruit trees, I also came across the remains of an old Moorish fortress and the medieval castle of San Juan. But what appealed to me most was... Read more

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