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The colossal bull that came, saw, and conquered

author: Remco van Drie
The colossal bull that came, saw, and conquered - Van Dam Estates

Giant depictions of bulls along major roads may surprise and amaze newcomers to Spain. Those who are more familiar with Spain will no longer be surprised by the 14 meter high, completely black colossi. At first glance, the lifelike silhouettes can seem pretty threatening, but most people's judgment quickly changes to 'funny and oh so Spanish'. The bulls first appeared on the roads in 1956. More than 500 were placed all over Spain as part of a daring ad campaign for Osborne sherry. Then the brand name appeared in red colors on the images and the bulls were... Read more

On the road in Spain 4 The world wonder Alhambra

author: Remco van Drie
On the road in Spain 4 The world wonder Alhambra - Van Dam Estates

An officially recognized wonder of the world can be seen less than four hours' drive from Torrevieja. The Alhambra Palace complex is one of the Seven Wonders of the Muslim World. One poet lyrically described Alhambra as a pearl of emeralds. The splendor and architectural ingenuity of the complex, which is the size of a small village, is indeed unmistakable. With a history dating back to the 9th century and culminating in improvements in the 13th century, the large complex is inspired by a description in the Quran of paradise as an oasis of trees, fountains and... Read more

Ode to hardship in Los Alcázares

author: Remco van Drie
Ode to hardship in Los Alcázares - Van Dam Estates

The bronze figure at the entrance of the Las Penas Huertanas park in Los Alcázares looks proud and proud. Probably the artist who made the three-meter-high work of art intended it that way. The image is that of an agricultural worker, who, despite an extremely hard life in the fields of the province of Murcia, has maintained his self-esteem. Los Alcázares has a long history in which agricultural workers played a prominent role. Centuries ago, many residents were forced to leave the coast to make a lean living in the agricultural sector. Work along the Med... Read more

The history lesson from Cartagena's castle

author: Remco van Drie
The history lesson from Cartagena's castle - Van Dam Estates

The best starting point for a good introduction to Cartagena's rich history is a visit to the Conception Castle, which is located on the hill of the same name. There are two main reasons for this. The first is the beautiful panoramic view of the port city. With a little imagination, one can very quickly recognize the traces of different periods in Cartagena's more than 2,000 years of history in the current cityscape. The evidence is undeniable. This view of the past gives the visitor a fleeting glimpse of the time when Phoenicians moored their ships in the natural... Read more

Walking and cycling routes in and around Santa Pola

author: Remco van Drie
Walking and cycling routes in and around Santa Pola - Van Dam Estates

Santa Pola prides itself on being a municipality where conditions are ideal for walkers and cyclists. About three quarters of the total territory is a protected area. This almost automatically means that sports enthusiasts can often practice their hobby in peace. The tourist office has mapped out a large number of interesting routes for hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers. The routes that are described range from a few kilometers to a pretty challenging tour of 52 kilometers, covering the entire territory. To give interested parties an idea of ​​what to expect,... Read more

Elche's garden inspired by the imperial palm

author: Remco van Drie
Elche's garden inspired by the imperial palm - Van Dam Estates

The Huerto del Cura, the most visited place in Elche, was created by a mix of coincidence and a love for nature. This garden owes its enormous popularity primarily to the presence of the majestic Imperial Palm. But over the years, this crowd-puller has been joined by some 250 other palms. The most special thing is that no fewer than 70 (!) Different types of palms from all over the world have found their place in the garden. In addition, more and more rock gardens with the most diverse cactus species from the driest regions of the planet have been added to the... Read more

Hollywood in the desert near Almería

author: Remco van Drie
Hollywood in the desert near Almería - Van Dam Estates

It has been around for a while, but in 2020, the Tabernas movie set finally got the recognition it deserved for so long. The European Film Academy declared the site in the desert, 30 kilometers north of Almería, a 'Treasure of European film culture'. Since the 1950s, the desert has been the setting for more than 300 films. Classics like 'Once upon a time in the west', Sergio Leone's 'Dollar trilogy' of spaghetti westerns and Indiana Jones 'The last crusade' are (large) partly recorded here. From 1962's Lawrence of Arabia to... Read more

Underground in ancient Orihuela

author: Remco van Drie
Underground in ancient Orihuela - Van Dam Estates

The Museum of the Wall allows visitors a glimpse of Orihuela as it was around AD 1,300. To gain that insight, those interested must go underground. This possibility exists because archaeological discoveries were made during work at Miguel Hernández University in 1998, which made it clear that a wealth of information was hidden there. Information that would shed new light on the layout of urban Orihuela at the time. The free museum can be reached via a staircase in the corner of the small Plaza just behind the Santas Justa and Rufina church. Before wandering... Read more

Lo Rufete Adventure Park for the whole family

author: Remco van Drie
Lo Rufete Adventure Park for the whole family - Van Dam Estates

Sports and adventure activities for the whole family. That is what the Lo Rufete park, in the rural area between Torremendo and San Miguel de Salinas, wants to offer. Without the pretensions of large theme parks with the most advanced attractions, Lo Rufete opts for old-fashioned and simple entertainment. And it works. The small-scale no frills park has a wide range of straightforward activities on offer, which have stood the test of time. What can visitors expect? Very popular are the quad bike tours, for example. A trip around the idyllic embalse de la Pedrera... Read more

The Neanderthals of Torre-Pacheco

author: Remco van Drie
The Neanderthals of Torre-Pacheco - Van Dam Estates

The mountainous area of ​​Cabezo Gordo near Torre-Pacheco stands out because it is a solitary sight in an otherwise flat landscape. For centuries it was a recognizable beacon for seafarers. For a long time that seemed to be the main reason for this 'pimple' in a smoothed area a few kilometers inland from Los Alcázares. But everything changed by magic in 1991. The accidental discovery of a jawbone, which turned out to belong to a Neanderthal, sparked great archaeological activity. In the meantime, the experts have gained a good understanding of the... Read more

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