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For us, a blog is not a trendy phenomenon from the internet era, but an abbreviation for Better Life Ontzettend Genieten.

With regular short stories we want to give you important, funny, interesting and inspiring information about the oh so versatile life of our Costas.

International jazz in San Javier for a month

author: Remco van Drie
International jazz in San Javier for a month - Van Dam Estates

For jazz music enthusiasts in the region, the month of July is a month to look forward to every year. The San Javier Jazz festival has been held since 1998. An event that has since grown into a 'jazz festival' of international allure. Big names from the world of this genre then give concerts in the open-air auditorium near the sea. But, as is usual with jazz festivals, various artists also perform who do not strictly fall under that heading. Due to the coronavirus, the 2021 edition will take place in a slightly slimmed-down form. It all started with a group of... Read more

The advance of the noise parrot

author: Remco van Drie
The advance of the noise parrot - Van Dam Estates

Monk Parakeets. They are making their presence known in more and more areas, screaming loudly. The Mediterranean coast has been a popular habitat for these 'noise parrots' for some time now. But their advance is also difficult to stop in large cities. Opinions about the pros and cons of these utterly void birds are quite divided. With their green plumage and white breast they give an exotic touch to our costas. They look different from what we were used to here and that makes the birds, which originally live in Uruguay and Argentina, popular. Many take for... Read more

Greetings from Altea

author: Jolanda van Dam
Greetings from Altea - Van Dam Estates

The contrast between Benidorm and the old part of Altea couldn't be greater. Yet it is only ten kilometers between the hustle and bustle of one of Spain's most popular seaside resorts and the tranquility and slow pace of old Altea. The eye-catcher on arrival for me was definitely the two large blue church domes, which seem stuck to the rock and glitter in the sun. The walk to the old part was not easy, but once at the top you will be amply rewarded for the effort. At the highest point, you can really appreciate the splendor of the church of the 'Dame of... Read more

More and more dog beaches on the costas

author: Remco van Drie
More and more dog beaches on the costas - Van Dam Estates

Dog lovers have seen a change in the way authorities approach their beloved four-legged friends in recent years. The signs 'No entry for dogs' are no longer self-evident along the beaches. The province of Alicante has taken the lead in Spain in allocating special dog beaches. Currently, eight municipalities, including Torrevieja and Santa Pola, have a total of ten beaches open to dogs. And if the explosion in the number of available beaches is a good indication, then we can expect many more 'Dogs allowed' signs along the costas in the future. According to... Read more

On the road in Spain 2: Cuenca's hanging houses

author: Remco van Drie
On the road in Spain 2: Cuenca's hanging houses - Van Dam Estates

The medieval town of Cuenca interest many tourists mainly due to the hanging houses. These 15th century dwellings are built on a protruding rocky outcrop on the edge of a deep ravine. The appearance of the houses makes many wonder how it is possible that the buildings have managed to maintain this shaky balance over the centuries.   The remaining houses can be visited free of charge. These are now the home for a museum of Abstract Art. On the other side of the Huecar river, a former monastery offers a breathtaking view of the medieval town on the rocky plateau and... Read more

Strange Festivals 3: Procession of the Coffins

author: Remco van Drie
Strange Festivals 3: Procession of the Coffins - Van Dam Estates

Pedro is very old and happy to be alive. Ask him what his plans are for July 29 and his answer will surprise you squared. Pedro will be transported in an open coffin, with relatives as porters, through the streets of his village of Las Nieves. On the route from the church to the local cemetery and then back to the church, Pedro will find himself accompanied by a procession of fellow sufferers, all of whom make a tour of the Galician village in coffins.       The somewhat macabre ritual is part of the Santa Marta de Ribartena celebration. This is partly a... Read more

Tower of Torre weapon against pirates

author: Remco van Drie
Tower of Torre weapon against pirates - Van Dam Estates

The tower from which Torre de la Horadada takes its name is now primarily an eye-catcher on a piece of rock near the Mediterranean Sea. For a long time, the striking, circular building had a much more important function. It was a watchtower to warn residents of approaching pirates. Between the 13th and 17th century, raids by Berber pirates from North Africa were commonplace along the coast of southeastern Spain. Since the tower's construction in 1591, the tower has been part of a large defense structure along the entire coastal strip. The pirates' attacks were... Read more

The healing effect of Mar Menor's mud baths

author: Remco van Drie
The healing effect of Mar Menor's mud baths - Van Dam Estates

It is not only toddlers and preschoolers who come to the Mar Menor armed with a bucket and spade. Many adults also walk around with these plastic toys on the beach of San Pedro del Pinatar. But they are not interested in sand, but in mud. They visit the mud baths to rub themselves with the brown stuff. The therapeutic effect of the mud in the warm inland sea of ​​the Mediterranean has been known for centuries. Especially people with arthritis, rheumatism and other joint diseases and skin problems benefit from a mud bath. This is due to the healing effect of many... Read more

Guardamar rewrites history and conducts tours

author: Remco van Drie
Guardamar rewrites history and conducts tours - Van Dam Estates

Archaeologists have responded enthusiastically to a recent find in Guardamar, dating back to the 8th century BC. Excavations about two kilometers from the sea have uncovered a 3,000-year-old moat from the Phoenician era. With a depth of three meters and a width of eight meters, the archaeologists describe the find as important for several reasons. The first is that a comparable find has only been made in Cadiz in Spain. Moreover, the defensive moat appears to be completely intact. But perhaps more important is the size. Similar large structures have only been found near... Read more

Time stood still on Tabarca Island

author: Remco van Drie
Time stood still on Tabarca Island - Van Dam Estates

A day trip by boat from Torrevieja (40 minutes) or Santa Pola (15 minutes) to the islet of Tabarca gives us a glimpse of a Spanish village that got stuck in the 1950s. Row of white houses, no cars, no benches and no loud billboards. In the winter months, the local population of about twenty people is more than happy to make up for the many birds that experience this idyllic place as home. During the summer months everything changes. A daily influx of tourists who want to 'relax' for a day ensures a multiplication of those present. Indeed, the many restaurants,... Read more

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